10 Belgian designers and architects you need to know!

Vincent van Duysen

Belgian architect and artistic director of the Molteni Group, Vincent is renowned the world over for his conception and mastery of design. Purity of line, attention to detail and timeless spaces define the work of this multi-faceted Belgian.

Nicolas Schuybroek

Founder of his own architectural practice for over 10 years, Nicolas creates works of elegant simplicity. He chose raw materials, uncluttered elements and an unprecedented minimalist aesthetic. With projects all over the world, including Paris, New York and Knokke, his art is a must-see.

Isabelle Onraet

This interior designer creates interiors for private residences, hotels, restaurants and urban spaces. A subtle blend of heritage and modernity, it embodies a timeless style. His work cultivates warm intimacy, noble materials and clean lines.

Juliaan Lampens

The works of this iconic Flemish architect combine three materials: concrete, glass and wood. They have been designed to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior of our homes, to achieve perfect harmony. With its raw materials and bunker-like inspirations, his work remains strangely relevant today.

Nathalie Deboel

Celebrated Belgian interior designer Nathalie recently launched a new furniture collection, totally made in Belgium. Its world is defined by noble materials such as solid oak or walnut, and pure, timeless curves. The interiors she decorates are peaceful, balanced and reassuring.

Benoit Viaene

This architect from Ghent works with both contemporary and historical elements. With a deep understanding of traditional construction, his creative work lies at the intersection of three elements: structure, interior design and landscaping.

Hans Verstuyft

This architect makes a point of giving soul to futuristic buildings, so that they inspire his visitors. He doesn’t define his work as trendy, but rather as traditional. With a successful blend of subjective elements such as touch, warmth, comfort and sensuality.

Dieter Vander Velpen

A renowned Antwerp architect, Dieter describes his work as “couture architecture”, an elaborate blend of client needs and meticulous project detail. He uses materials of exceptional quality, in collaboration with extraordinary craftsmen. Marble, wood and concrete are elements often found in his signatures.

Pieter Vanrenterghem

Halfway between balance and minimalism, Pieter’s projects are stimulating, bringing together primordial elements such as texture, perspective and natural components. A clean, modern design that respects the original materials.

Vincent Callebaut

This Belgian architect, who now lives in Paris, has created some impressive buildings, notably in Dubai. Engineering and design, Vincent is a pioneer in sustainable architecture. Today, he works on projects that focus on global warming and the world of tomorrow.

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